Staff Augmentation

The more a business grows, the more employees it has, and subsequently a greater thrust on employee needs management. One of the most efficient and technologically advanced ways of filling this need is to use staffing.

Staffing involves finding the right people, with the right skills, abilities, and fit, who may be hired or already working for the company (organization) or may be working for competing companies.

RAD offers well qualified individuals and teams to staff virtually any project of any size. We operate with flexible cost structure, keeping a mutually beneficial future partnerships in hindsight. On offer are our full range of IT staffing services for:

  • Short Term Assignments
  • Long Term Assignments
  • Contracts with Option to Hire
  • Part Time or Full Time
  • Speciality Staffing
  • IT Staff Supplementation

Why IT staffing?

Information Technology systems play a major role in enabling business strategy and in achieving an organization's business goals. Correspondingly, staffing and resource allocation have become critical business issues at most corporations, large and small alike. And let’s remember behind every great name, brand, service, assets, there are people behind it who make it successful.


With the advent of IT, the scope of outsourcing has increased many folds as the work does not require physical presence of the worker at the work site. They can as well do the job at home. This has enabled high labor cost economies to shift the IT job to countries like India with a very low labor cost. RAD has all the infrastructure, skills and intelligence needed to be where we are today.