Trust Fund Management

Odyssey is a trust fund management software that helps manage the receipt, accrual, and disbursement of funds associated with client funeral contracts. The system also assists in the tracking of clients funds dispersed through various financial institutions and investment vehicles.

Use Odyssey to:

  • Create detailed contract accounts that define beneficiaries, contract type(s), payment schedules;
  • Manage individual and company contract funds located in banks and investment vehicles;
  • Disperse funds to beneficiaries for deceased contract clients and refunds to living contract clients;
  • Perform accounting procedures for bank reconciliation, client contract account summary, transaction database, electronic fund transfer, and month/year end closing;
  • Perform extensive data analysis;


The Odyssey system includes the ability to track multiple companies; and utilizes the Microsoft NT operating system and Microsoft SQL database.


Potential Markets


Government Opportunities:

  • State and municipal employees’ benefit plans
  • Federal employees’ benefit plans


Commercial Opportunities:

  • Financial institutions, (i.e. banks, credit unions, etc.) providing trust management services
  • 401K, pension, and other investment companies focussed on corporate benefit plans
  • Insurance companies offering trust fund management
  • Other Trust Fund Management associations throughout the United States